2 artists with Flair and “savoir faire”

ALFREDO MAGLIOLA and GIAN PIETRO TONEL are the creative driving forces behind Alonpi.  Their passion and expertise in the field of cashmere, stems from an aesthetic dedication to the world of Art and Fashion.

Artistic Director ALFREDO MAGLIOLA began his career by working with important international fashion groups and brands as creative director, and continues to work with different brands. Blessed with a natural curiosity, he is driven to constantly innovate the cashmere process, Alfredo has designed and developed the unique printed double face cashmere and cashmere/silk.

GIAN PIETRO Tonel is an interior designer with a deep love of art and has spent his career teaming up with important historic Italian galleries.  He brings a unique, refined perspective to the Alonpi Collection, a perfect counterpoint that melds the extraordinary talents of both designers.




For generations, this passion for cashmere has been handed down, fueling the pursuit of meticulous excellence for these precious fibers.

Now, the new generation of Family administration, Brothers Cesare and Paolo, have successfully brought the factory to its pinnacle in expertise and renown.

To be recognized as a dominant force in manufacturing in Biella, the capital of cashmere, is a testimony to the factory’s devotion, dedication and unwavering use of only the highest quality Mongolian precious fibers, and it’s painstaking processing through numerous procedures.

art.Brunch v4pearl-v7black-v8 taupe - WovenThis has garnered a veritable Who’s Who of Fashion, as prestigious international clients have come to
rely on the reputation for excellence in all stages of cashmere production from yarn to the finished product.

Alonpi is the natural progression in the cashmere evolution. A niche brand bringing unique, proprietary technical expertise and design difficult to equal.

The philosophy of a life in cashmere, adds a strong artisanal penchant, rather than solely an industrial one, which is apparent in the Alonpi scarves, shawls, ponchos, throws, and blankets.

We’re in it for the cashmere.





Product / Innovation

At the highest reaches of Italian Cashmere, both Beauty and Brains are required to effectively distinguish a Brand.  It is not merely enough to look good, there must also be a technologically innovative brilliance to add an effortless genius to each luxurious piece.

Alonpi is the only brand to successfully accomplish the double face print cashmere – an impossibly new degree of difficulty in an already labored complicated process.

These printed double faced scarves, stoles, shawls, ponchos, throws and blankets have become the new gold standard.



Strictly Made in Italy 

All the processes for each Alonpi piece, beginning with Dyeing the Mongolian Cashmere Fibers, to Finishing By Hand, showcases the mastery crafted by our skilled Italian artisans.

The QR Code on each Alonpi piece, certifies it’s history and origin as made entirely in Italy.







Alonpi’s proprietary PRINTED DOUBLE FACE is unique.

As is usually the case, behind the most effortlessly natural elegance is a technical complication which few can achieve.

A groundbreaking innovation, Alonpi leads the cashmere industry as the only Brand to reach this summit of technical mastery in simple luxury.