The End Customers are becoming major advocates of the “Back-Story Principle”. They want to be informed about the story behind the luxury Brand. Alonpi is completely transparent about our manufacturing processes and principles to fully satisfy the customer they are buying an ethical product. They want to wear cashmere fabrics in a way that fits their style and conscience.

All cashmere is by default organic however to achieve any level of softness, the processes are toxic to the planet and humans.

Alonpi is at the forefront of bio-sustainable practices and Eco-Sustainability in Italy, using only the finest INNER MONGOLIAN HIRCUS CASHMERE GOATS. We give back to sustain the communities raising the animals.

Our Throws & Blankets are all certified Eco-Sustainable

Alonpi is a special project with limited edition pieces requiring days to finish and using special dyes to complete.  It was especially important for Alonpi  to conform to the Eco-Sustainable guidelines because our dyes are unique and avoiding certain colors that require toxic processes.

Biella has for centuries been recognized as the capital of Italian luxury fabrics.  The pollution derived from cashmere production is alarming and so finally, the top brands in the world signed a Greenpeace initiative “Detox my Fashion 2020“, a road map for making bio, organic, sustainable garments. 

The company that produces Alonpi produces for the top- tier Brands….and so we had to retrofit and upgrade all our processes at great cost; as well as using non-toxic dyes and avoid spraying toxic chemicals like formaldehyde to keep colors from fading.

ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) is the international body charged with certification of factories and yearly inspections to guarantee they still adhere to the strict rules of Eco-Sustainability.