Alonpi is a niche artisanal brand unburdened by the necessities of commerciality. Our passion for cashmere excellence focuses on the purity of the piece. Exacting the desired crafting and effect for the ultimate luxury. Every article has a story and takes multiple days and processes to finish. 

Conceived as a special project in 2010. Highlighting the diverse cashmere expertise of our Parent company (founded in the 50s); pioneering and developing new techniques and products for the absolute top tier of Fashion Houses.

Made entirely in Biella, the capital of Italian luxury fabrics, Alonpi is blessed with the best of both worlds: centuries old craftsmanship and the newest trends in cashmere technology.

Limited run and individually numbered pieces that are never repeated.  Alonpi partners with only the best stores globally and maintains the integrity of the product by selling only to brick and mortar stores.